Place 26 - Yourik Havik

Yoeri Havik




Rider type: Sprinter

Biggest success: 4. Dutch Food Valley Classic

Team 2011: Cycling Team de Rijke

Stagiaire: -

Team 2012: not yet known

Best Mock List ranking: -




Barry Markus and Yoeri Havik still had a good two months to go as juniors on October 22, 2009, when they nevertheless rode together in the U-23 race at the Amsterdam Six Days. While Markus was the best junior in his land and one of the best known junior sin the world, his partner Yoeri Havik was unknown, despite an equally succesful junior time.


Although the duo was younger than its international competition, the Dutchmen left the rest no chance on this day. To the surprise of this Mock List author, however, it was not Barry Markus who made the strongest impression but instead Yoeri Havik.


The North Hollander had shown that he is a strong track rider with national junior titles in points and the Madison. He rounds out his track balance with eight further national track medals and a sixth place in the 2008 Junior Worlds in Omnium.


Barry Markus disappeared to the mini-Rabos not quite three months afer that Six Days race in Amsterdam, but Havik wore the van Vliets jersey in 2010, one of the best teams for young riders in the Netherlands, even though it doesn't come close to the baby Rabos.


The transition to the U-23 and mens' race wasn't easy. At the start of the year, the young Dutchman couldn't make his mark. Only his tenth place, two behind Barry Markus, on the third stage of the Driedaagse van West Vlaanderen (2.1) showed that Havik hadn't forgotten how to sprint. In the second half of the year, things went better and so the van Vliet rider brought in his best result of the season with a ninth place at the Nationale Sluitingsprijs (1.1), the last UCI race of the year in Belgium.


Without transfering, Havik pulled on a new jersey this season, as van Vliet turned into De Rijke. His increase in form over the year resembled that of last year, but the sprinter made an enormous step forward, so that he trebled his points in the CQ ranking in the spring! On May 21, the 20-year-old already had eleven top ten placings in UCI races. The biggest were his second place on the second stage of the Olympia's Tour (2.2) behind the dominant Wim Stroetinga, as well as his sixth place in the mass sprint at the ZLM Tour and tenth in the Ronde van Vlaanderen Beloften, which belongs to the same race series. The latter result indicates that Havik has potential in the Classics. And when he sprinted out of the field to ninth place on the closing Limburg stage of the Olympia's Tour showed that he won't be dropped climbng highway bridges.


As in the previous year the de Rijke rider brought in his best results later in the season. Within nine days the Hollander sprinted to fourth place in the Dutch Food Classic behind Theo Bos, Wim Stroetinga and Stefan van Dijk, and got an eighth place the next week in another mass sprint.


Looking at Havik's development, the Hollander seems to be an interesting man for the Worlds course in Copenhagen, although he faces strong rivals in the mass sprint in Bol and Markus. It is therefore unclear whether he will even be on the very strong Dutch Worlds team.


It is equally unclear whether he will turn pro next year. There is no indication of that at the momnt, and so it must be assumed that he will once again wear the green-yellow de Rijke jerey. Since the Dutch teams all already have good sprinters, there is no need for a Yoeri Havik. However, he has a very acceptable race program at de Rijke.


But if he wants to meet the sporting goals which he announced at, then he will have to turn pro eventually. A rider who wants to become road World Champion and win the green jersey at the Tour de France doesn't ride for de Rijke, unless the very rich Cees de Rijke invests a few more million in the team budget.



In the meanwhile Havik officially opened the winter season by winning the Zesdaagse van Brabant.


Nominated by Ogkempf, written by Ogkempf, translated by Tick

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